The Button Nose Kidz are siblings, friends, and middle school classmates with unique personalities, interests, and talents. Like all  kids, they fight with their siblings, pick on, tease, and even bully other Kidz, disobey their parents, look for ways to avoid doing schoolwork, and use poor judgment. But they (usually) find appropriate solutions to these and other relatable situations, learn from their mistakes, and in the process realize why the values popularly referred to as “life skills”, ie. honesty, healthy food/hygiene/fitness habits, and respect for themselves, their peers, and adults, are so important. These lessons are presented through multiple interactive platforms, including live action musical shows performed by character mascots, sing-along songs, music and live action videos, and hands-on active books 

narrated by the characters.          

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        The Button Nose Kidz, LLC, is a certified minority owned business based in Indianapolis, Indiana.