Let's Play!

Sing-Along Songs & Music Videos


    Double Button knows that a friend is a friend ALL the time and "Call Double" has it all too – greats beats for dancing and real lyrics with a positive message. 

   Baby Button vrooms like a car, moos like a cow, stretches like a tree, and dances with chickens in "How Smart You Are". 

   Tony Baloney's "Jelly Bean" won't make you fat, but they will make you bop along with this tongue twisting tribute to his favorite treat. 

   Young Genius IQ sings about his favorite  subjects in “Ask IQ”, and new kid in town. 

   Suede shares his best "Rainy Day " activities.

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Toy Brand


       The Button Nose Kidz Toy Brand designs 

      and manufactures products emphasizing   

     character education alongside scholastics. 

   Demonstrating positive choices, self-esteem, 

   self-confidence, and rewarding relationships 

    with friends and family, the Kidz characters 

             guide children to a bright future.

                  PLUSH CHARACTER DOLLS  

        Siblings Baby and Double Button, buddy Tony Baloney, & young genius IQ are soft, cuddly, and safe  friends for children of all ages.


          Innovatively designed by combining environmental print, dual language education,  

 and child led learning theories in one fun and  

     easy to use product, Cardz are the perfect 

        supplement to structured early-reading 




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Live Action Mascot Musicals & Videos


                  "We Are The Button Nose Kidz!"

         Like all kids, each Kidz character has a

    unique personality, interests, abilities, and 

  things they need to work on. But they all love 

         to sing, and that's how they introduce  

   themselves in this live action mascot video.  



                           "The Bully Stomp" 

         Double Button helps his young friends 

      put the stomp on their bully problem with 

                          this catchy tune.



                   "The  Bullying Stops Here"       

        The young audience loved this filmed   

      performance of  the live action musical         

                    inspired by the “Stomp”.   



Watch more mascot fun on the Kidz YouTube channel